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A beautiful, lived-in, kitchen-table-recorded podcast of MY ADDRESS IS STILL WALTON, as performed by Johanna McKeon, Lacy Post and Caleb Bark.

ASTRS, recorded by an expanded JOYCE CHO, and aired on WFMU as part of the ACOUSMATIC THEATER HOUR.

Some Things Cease to Be While Others Still Are (abridged)

An abridged version of my play, Some Things Cease, which was performed at St. Ann's Warehouse Puppet Lab's Labapalooza in 2006, in a collaborative puppet performance with Sara Smith and Gina Siepel, and performed by Abby Harris, Leah Siepel, and kk.
Voice: Kristen Kosmas
Alfred: Fred Neumann
Knut: David Neumann
Harold: Brian Mendes
Rollo: Chris Yon
misc + singing: Karinne Keithley
Sound design: Karinne Keithley
heavily sampled: Satie's Vexations, poached from Ubuweb
24 mins

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A setting of Christine Hume's "Somniloquy" from her book SHOT, commissioned by Christine for a set of audio adaptations and settings of her writing. Apparently in the show, you had to listen to this piece by lying on a pillow, with the speaker underneath.