performance texts by MIGUEL GUTIERREZ

WHEN YOU RISE UP collects texts by choreographer Miguel Gutierrez, a relentlessly exploratory figure in the contemporary dance scene. Gutierrez engages artistic community in a radical sense, interrogating physical encounter at all scales, from the collaborating performers to the world where the work takes place. Standing alone from their original contexts, these pieces radiate with the physical urgency of a life committed to art and performance.

"Frighteningly poetic, gorgeously bare"
-Deborah Hay

"These are spacious, hot, lyrical, obsessive poems. Oh I guess you call them performance texts. I love this book."
-Eileen Myles

"The first time I read WHEN YOU RISE UP I didn't bother to time how long it took. The second time through it took eighteen minutes and fifty five seconds. (I wish all dances were only this long, a whole show. And this fun. But really, the book's a nice bunch of love songs.) I began reading it once more, this time to the Spaceheads instrumental, Black Mirror, played very loud, and stopped at 4:09, the length of the instrumental. Then I put on the Whitefield Brothers, Prowlin', and began reading again from where I left off..."
--Ralph Lemon

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When You Rise Up is available for purchase via SPD Books, here

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