Nature Theater of Oklahoma's NO DICE
legendary dinner theater

Nature Theater of Oklahoma's NO DICE is Kelly Copper's transcription of that company's triumphant 4-hour dinner theater event. The dinner is a bologna sandwich and Dr. Pepper. The theater made of phone conversations reset into a hyper-energetic physical and vocal register. Obsessive, persuasive, and enduring, Nature Theater has remade the epic form into something deeply familiar and contemporary.

"No Dice is a tour de force. Its limited, deeply human characters express the grandiose desire to engage the 'universal cosmic murmur.' Instead, they embody it. Resistance is futile."

-- The New York Times

"Though No Dice often threatens mere silliness, its creators have crafted a generous reflection on art-making. Just as a tatty piece of green velvet hung in the shape of a proscenium arch transforms the space into a theater, Liska and Copper show how an odd hat or a cocked eyebrow can change a phone chat into a play. They don't condescend to the material; they delight in it. As one character effuses, 'You're taking the boring part of my life and making it into art.' And that isn't boring at all."

-- The Village VOICE

Nature Theater of Oklahoma is an OBIE Award-winning New York based performance group under the direction of Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper. Since 2004, they have applied extreme formal manipulation, and superhuman effort to create ensemble theater from readymade materials, found space, overheard speech, and observed gesture.

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