by Kristen Kosmas
forthcoming April 2012

Kristen Kosmas's THE MAYOR OF BALTIMORE composes a broken-hearted strain of disappointment out of the clatter of everyday speech. Like shining bird's nests built of bottle caps and discarded plastic, Kosmas's writing knits blunt literalism to unhinged linguistic invention, finding a plane of ordinary life tilted and almost singing, somewhere between Chekhov and Beckett. At a party in a forgotten American city, a coterie of friends and strangers gather to celebrate a modest electoral victory. Oblique poetry alternates with the syncopated banality of small talk, and a tiny aria of self-revelation hangs in the empty space after the guests leave. ANTHEM, a companion play to THE MAYOR OF BALTIMORE, is the strangely empathetic and gentle monologue of a transient manufacturer of erotic blindfolds.

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