JOYCE CHO PLAYS collects plays by the five playwrights of Joyce Cho, a Brooklyn based radical playwrights posse dedicated to proposing solutions for new plays not written with a traditional dramaturgy or staging syntax. Funny, base, and deeply wrong, these plays all pursue experiments that challenge the conventions of playwriting as she is known.


Running Commentary No. 4 by Scott Adkins

Christmas Cracker by Kelly Copper

Do Not Do This Ever Again by Karinne Keithley

Zeit af der KurbisGeistNachten by Sibyl Kempson

The Grand Kindness by Amber Reed

"The five playwrights of Joyce Cho: Scott Adkins, Kelly Copper, Karinne Keithley, Sibyl Kempson and Amber Reed, are among the most exciting, imaginative and profound theater writers in our time, in any time. Joyce Cho is a genius, and a genial one. No one is thinking as deeply and as complexly on what our theater is and is not; nor on what she could be. I do not understand the work of these writers in the same way I do not understand the sky, the sea, and the secret of the forest. They are unlike any others I know in the theater of our time. Pay them heed"

-- Mac Wellman

Joyce Cho Plays is only available for purchase via SPD Books, here

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