by Rob Erickson
illustrated by Bob Erickson
introduction by Leslie Strongwater

Lumberob -- Rob Erickson when he performs -- is a singular phenomenon of language, looping, and manic-obsessive performance intensity, and it's difficult (or maybe unnecessary), to decide which one of them authored this text. Erickson's writing employs a syntax wholly his own, patterning words by working them through a physical obstacle course and so creating a variety of performance text that really undoes any useful distinctions between language and embodiment. OFF THE HOZZLE is a play about golf, or a play about thinking, or a play about spirit animals, or a play about the sublime fixations that technique requires. Lurching, digressing, doing-undoing, it is unlike any other play you have read or seen.

"Lumberob's shows construct themselves out of repetition and layering; live-mixed playback turns his monologues into the audio version of a mise-en-abyme, echoes of his recorded voice expanding into a long tunnel of sense made nonsense. This printed playscript demonstrates how meaning undergirds the structure, the linear text operating as an independent thing that can also leave us transfixed, delighted, punchdrunk. Lumberob stands out as the artist taking poetry and reflecting it repeatedly against itself to create a thick, non-melodic musical experience. Off the Hozzle is hilarious -- who wouldn't laugh at sports kibbitzing sent through the modernist Cuisinart? -- but Lumberob is one of those world-building Tricksters. These are the games that break forms apart to make something valuable and new."
-- Helen Shaw

"This piece obliterates language and leaves behind something glowing, amazing and altogether better than that which it has so lovingly destroyed. I was truly unprepared for how profoundly transformative a dadaesque monologue about a golf swing would affectivate my neuro-psychological processes. When you see something this utterly original, the cynic in you wonders, 'Why is literally every single other person in the world so damn boring?' but then your super positive inner self emerges triumphant, asks the negative you to dance, and hefts all your fractured selves onto the astral plane, where spinning and flipping like crazed acrobats they bask in the glorious suspended moment of true inspiration and beauty that is Off the Hozzle. Probably one of the better golf plays you will encounter this year. Rob Erickson will do it to you in your mindhole."
-- Brian Perkins

Hear the sounds of Rob aka Lumberob

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